What is Workshop all about?

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Workshop gives you the chance to get hands on with hot stamping foils, use either the traditional printing equipment (hot stamping) or more modern, innovative equivalents (toner foiling). It’s an opportunity for you guys as the designers or printers of tomorrow, to inspire us in the different creative ways that you can use foil in graphic design and manufacturing.

Foilco pride themselves on having the largest range of colours and effects in the industry, with hundreds of different foil finishes and patterns to choose from. We're always on the look out for new foil innovations and innovators, so we're giving you the playground and we want you to have fun in it.

What will happen at Workshop?

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Step 1

Well, firstly you’ll get to learn about foil. We’re talking decorative foils used in print. Whether that’s in packaging, book making, in fashion or just as a piece of beautiful design work. Foil is everywhere, you just may not have realised it yet!

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Step 2

Once you've been introduced to foil (in all it's shiny glory), then it's onto creating. You will have free reign to try all the tools and equipment, so you could try your hand at traditional hot foiling or create something truly unique and personal using the toner foiling technique. You can produce designs either on the day or you can bring some along (black and white images only) with you and see them foiled.

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Step 3

We will, as much as possible, take a backseat during these sessions and allow you the chance to really get 'hands on' with the different foiling processes. It's up to you to choose the papers, select the right foils, cut them to the required length and then feed them through our laminators. It's your work, by your hand and we want you to be proud of it!

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