Workshop has been created by Foilco for you to get the chance to work with different foiling techniques and processes.

Play Learn Create Think Foil

The most important thing about Workshop is to play and have fun. There are no set rules. We want you to enjoy yourself.

Learning and Educating is key to really explaining what Foilco do and what foil is about. By understanding this you can really start to use foil in the best possible way.

You can’t come to one of our workshops without actually creating something. You will create the weird and wonderful and all using foil.

Thinking is what leads to creativity. We’ll ask how best can you use foil in the future and how can foil help in your design and creative work. We aim to get you thinking.

Finally foil. Put simply it’s what it’s all about. We work with it all the time, so we are here to help you work with it and love it like we do.

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What is Workshop?

Created on 5 key principles; Play, Learn, Create, Think & Foil. Aimed at students, young designers and design studios, Workshop has been created to showcase different foiling techniques and the print processes associated with it. Each session is designed to introduce people to foiling (& Foilco) and open their imagination to processes otherwise kept behind closed doors.

Foil in Design

What is foil?

Foil is a solvent free, 12 micron vacuum metalised (metallic/holographic) or ink coated (pigment) polyester. All foils have different types of adhesive, which are used to suit different applications (paper, plastic, textiles, board etc.), at Foilco numbers represent the colour and letters represent the foil's grade (type of adhesive).

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